Site Finding Service

Blueprint provides a site search service. We use our planning expertise to identify potential sites for developers and investors. Unlike site agents and surveyors, who are primarily involved in selling on-the-market property, Blueprint will use your criteria to identify opportunities.

Recent examples include:

  • Identifying industrial sites and large single occupier units that have the potential to accommodate single wind turbines where the electricity generation could be sold to the occupiers while at the same time producing additional income for the owner.
  • Identifying strategic land for housing or mixed use.

We use our planning expertise to provide an initial list of sites in an area and then shortlist these based on your needs and the likelihood of gaining planning consent.

Blueprint is not associated with, or tied to, any surveying practice allowing us to independently find sites and assess their suitability.

Our experience has been gained over many years of working closely with surveyors to identify development opportunities for retail, commercial business parks, housing and leisure uses.

As planning consultants we are required to identify and assess strategic land for future use and to identify sites, or land assembly options, for sequential assessment.

Please Contact us for an informal discussion as to how we can help you secure property or sites. We are happy to assist you with a one-off site or an entire portfolio.

Site Finding Service