Residential Development

Our Directors have promoted the re-use of previously developed land (brownfield sites) for mixed-use, housing and student housing proposals across the UK.

The demand for housing is well documented and the opportunity to provide a positive impact on towns and cities requires an excellent development team. We work closely with developers, environmental advisers and architects to create positive change.

We have experience of the issues that can arise when promoting brownfield redevelopment. These include land conditions, ground contamination, noise, and the complications of non-complementary neighbouring land uses.

We recently promoted a new residential development adjacent to an industrial site. Understandably, the industrial user had concerns that the potential residents may compromise its operations due to complaints regarding noise and other nuisance. We identified the potential issues and sought solutions through working closely with the development team and the industrial user to overcome their concerns. We used design, orientation of dwellings, screening and negotiation to bring forward a mutually acceptable development, allowing the development to be approved.

We have experience of overcoming challenging sites and can assist you in achieving your project too.

Contact us to discuss your particular proposals, and discover how our wide-ranging experience can assist your project.

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